Dance Teachers

Cheryl- Dance Teacher
” I introduced Herbalife into my dance studio last April as a welcomed income boost and can honestly say I have not looked back!! Being a dance teacher I had little understanding about the importance of good nutrition aiding good performance and have improved on that knowledge immensely since joining Herbalife. The income I receive from Herbalife has been a life line and compliments the wonderful world of dance”
Kelly  – Zumba Instructor
“Herbalife has given my members massive amounts of energy, all the girls love the products. We all have our shakes together at the end of the workout, my Zumba family lol. Herbalife has given me a second income that I did not know possible juts 20 customers and I make over £1000 per month!!”
Tracey – Dance Enthusiast
“I started taking the herbalife products after being recommended by a dancing buddy of mine, I had so much more energy in the dance classes I attend. Other started to notice and asked me about the products they see me using. From that point I signed up as a distributor and had a massive career change from working in a supermarket to now working with the world’s leading Health and Nutrition Company. last month I earned over £4000 working part time”

Becky – Dance School Owner
” I run a dance school and introduced Herbalfe to my students about 12 months ago, their performance has gone through the roof. We have won some major dancing titles this year and I have created a second income to pay for all the travelling costs we have. Last month I earned £3000 not bad for part time hours”!!

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