Personal Trainers

Many personal trainers and fitness instructors choose to do further qualifications and courses to increase their services to clients and enable them to increase their income. The problem with this is you only have a certain amount of time and clients you can see in a day so your income is still limited. Here are some testimonials

Lee – PT Maesteg and Swansea
“I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. My clients were over the moon when I told them that I could now supply them with all the nutrition advice and products they needed to maximise their results. They are much happier with the fantastic results they are now getting and I am making an extra £2000 per month income just by recommending Herbalife’s excellent products!!”

Peter PT Swansea, South Wales
“Herbalife has given our Boot camp clients amazing results, and so much more energy in our Boot camp sessions. Its unbelievable how much help you get being part of the Herbalife team, marketing material, seminars, videos you name it Herbalife has thought of it!”

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