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Fit Club – Plano

24Fit Club Bootcamps are organized by a group of Fitness coaches to promote a healthy active lifestyle. 24 Fit Club will be organizing several different fun activities that promote fitness and nutrition to help people reach their ideal health.

24 Fit Club has an agenda to:

#2 to get a good sweat on!,
#3 promote education and resources to access a healthy active lifestyle.

24 Fit Clubs combine exericise, metabolic workouts, strength training, personalised nutritional coaching and regular body compostion testing to get optimum results.

Compare this to what you might get at your local health club, fitness club or gym = an exercise program, without ongoing coaching or focussing on measurable results.

Once you start to monitor results such as body fat% metabolic age, muscle mass, hydration levels etc, then you understand that exercise and nutrition are key elements.

Ask your local health club, what before and after results do they get for their clients. Ask to see the numbers ?!! There is a reluctance of health clubs to measure results, scared of what they might find?

Were not scared to provide all these results! Come join the FUN